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  • April 2018

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  • April 2nd
  • House Committee Meeting
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  • April 6th
  • MG Steak Night
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  • April 7th
  • MG Meeting
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  • April 8th
  • Monthly Inventory/Audit
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  • April 9th
  • General Membership Meeting
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Post Service Officer


Fully Developed Claim

The Fully Developed Claim (FDC) program offers Veterans a faster decisions from the VA on compensation, pension, and survivor benefit claims. Veterans need to submit all relevant records in their possession, and any which are easily obtainable, such as private medical records, at the time they make their claim and certifiy that they have no further evidence to submit. The VA will then review and process the claim more quickly. FDC puts you in control. It's faster and risk free. Filing a FDC, Veterans need to provide all the evidence at once. The VA can then issue a decision faster. If the VA determines other non-federal records exist and are required to decide a claim, the VA will simply remove the claim from the FDC program and process it through traditional claims process. Once you initiate your FDC, you'll have up to one hyear to complete it. If your claim is approved, you'll be paid back to the day you initiated your claim. To start your claim, contact the VSO from the VFW, the DAV or visit eBenefits.va.gov

Robert Packer
VFW 7108 Veteran Service Officer

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