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Obtaining Your Records

Start by collecting all the records possible
  • *DD Form 214
  • *Any records pertaining to your service connected disability
  • *Medical records ( military or civilian)
  • *Military personnel records /201 file
  • *Military delpoyment orders
  • *Records of military awards and or commendations, etc
  • *Statements from buddies, friends or family that support your service connected disability
  • *Marriage and divorce documents
  • *Any other documents showing evidence that will support your service connected compensation and pension claim
How to get copies of Military Records Online
This method can be done online and at no cost to the requester. Either the veteran or next of kin can initiate the request.
  • *Go to website: Http://www.archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records/
  • *Click on: Launch eVetRecs system to start your request
Follow the prompts and enter:
*Branch of Service
*Regular or Reserve
*Officer or Enlisted
*What is the purpose you are requesting for i.e. Benefits
*Full Name, Social Security Number, Date of Birth
*Month and Year you left the service
*City and State of Birth
In the comments box list what you are requesting : complete copy of personnel and/or medical records. It will automatically include a copy of your DD214.
  • *The next page asks to enter the information where you want the records mailed to:
  • *The next page asks you to print out two confirmation pages. This page serves two important purposes
You keep a copy for yourself that has a tracking number.
The other copy is a signature page that must include your printed name and signature and then mailed or faxed to the instructions provided on the confirmation copy you retain for your records.
Note: The archives will not send out any records until they have received the signature page!
Note: If you have already filed a claim with the VA your medical records will likely not be located at the Archives. The only way to obtain a copy in this situation is to request a copy of your C-File from the VA. Do not do this if you have a claim in progress at the VA as it will only slow down your claim process.

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