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  • January 2018

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  • January 2nd
  • House Meeting
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  • January 6th
  • MG Meeting
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  • January 8th
  • General Membership Meeting
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  • January 13th
  • VFW Post Membership Roundup
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  • January 14th
  • Monthly Inventory / Audit
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  • January 19th
  • VPR - Signing of Vietnam
  • Peace Accord
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  • January 24th - 28th
  • Winter Round Up, Texas VFW
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VFW Post 7108
Unit 30

Unit 30 rode to Old Tunnel State Park, Alamo Springs Café and Luckenbach after our meeting on December 2nd to enjoy the great weather before the snow storm of 2017.  The group put together the memorial function at the Post for Bob Shaw on 12/4, and helped residents at Frank Tejeda VA home in Floresville with their Christmas parties on 12/13 and 12/14.  One of our members rode to New Braunfels on 12/15 to join the Wreath’s Across America convoy to Fort Sam and helped to unload the trailers and  seven MG members attended the touching ceremony at Fort Sam on 12/16 to help lay wreath’s on our hero’s graves and repeat their names so they will never be forgotten.  On 12/22 the group presented the Baptist Children’s Home with winter gloves, caps, art supplies and board games as our Christmas youth program.

There will be no steak night in January and February.  The group is taking a winter break – we have to cook outside in the unpredictable weather.  We will be back to selling steaks on Friday, March 2nd.

January is usually not a great riding month due to the cold weather but the group plans to ride to our Mid-Winter meeting in Austin on January 27th, as usual.

Janell Neal, MG Secretary

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