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  • March 2020

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  • Wednesday Nights
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  • Free Pool
  • Every Tuesday Night
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  • March 2nd
  • House Committee Meeting<
  • 5 P.M.
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  • March 6th
  • Steak Night
  • 6:30 P.M.
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  • March 9th
  • General Membership Meeting
  • 7 P.M.
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  • March 21st
  • DAV Meetingh
  • 9 A.M.
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  • March 24th
  • VPR Beginning of Kosovo
  • Campaign
  • 6 P.M.
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  • March 28th
  • MG Meeting
  • 9 A.M.
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  • March 28th
  • VFW District Picnic
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  • March 31st
  • VPR End of Operation
  • Restore Hope
  • 6 P.M.
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VFW Post 7108 Commander

VFW Post Commander

Dear Comrades,

This is the March newsletter for my command. We got thru February with little or no scrapes. I would like to thank everyone in the post who contributed to the overall success of our PP, VOD and Teachers Awards for this year.

We also had a visit from the State Commander Keith King, who was pleased with the running of the post and canteen and the overall success from the Unit 30 MG.

We have our House Committee Meeting on the 2nd of March at 5 pm and our General Membership on the 9th at 7 pm. During this meeting we will open nominations for next years Post Officers.

Three new heaters have been added to the ceiling of the outside deck for a safer and better way to provide heat outside. As you look around the post, you will see changes taking place. We are painting
and fixing issues as we go.

We are in the final phase of our new septic tanks being installed and there should be little or no down time once connected. Final adjustments are finishing up and then an inspector from Bexar County will show up to check everything out and give us our stamp of approval. A new Spectrum line is being installed to enhance our internet and should be finished soon.

We have a VPR on the 24th; Start of The Kosovo Campaign at 6 pm a VPR on the 31st; The End of Operation Restore Hope at 6 pm.

I want to thank all the members of the post and Unit 30 MG for all the hard work you do! I see it and it does not go un‐noticed by others. We have a great “POST” and it only exists with the help of members and non‐members who truly support us! Remember, we are a “TEAM” and there is no room for “I”.

John "Tank" Maines, VFW Post 7108 Commander



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